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Caring for a loved one with dementia is no joke — except during those bordering-on-ridiculous moments when you simply have to laugh.

Snappy-yet-serious look at life in a fictitious group home in a real Clark County town. One unhappy arrival rebels against his new reality by adopting the romantic persona of a certain Spanish knight-wannabe.


“The good and bad, the funny and the tragic, they all come together,” Woodland playwright David Bareford said of his new dramatic comedy. It grapples with the way dementia robs people of identity — and how some people cling hard to a fading or even imaginary past.



Directed by: Lorraine Hardin


Don --- Jay Dalton

Sam --- Richard Smith

Marta --- Arlene Nissen

Alice --- Kaye Bramblett

Doris/Dr. Carrasco --- Pamela Nygaard

Eddie --- Craig McCobb

Jimmy --- Chris Johnston

Sandy --- Kimberly Schulz

Clark --- Mike Preston

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