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2022 Board of Directors


Pamela Nygaard

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Vice President
Stacy Steele


Past President
Ron Cooper

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Eric Bjella


Lori Hardin


Board Member
Anna Frazier

Our Mission

Stage West Community Theatre Mission Statement:  Enriching, entertaining, and educating our community through exceptional theatrical arts in an intimate setting.


The Shared Vision of Stage West Community Theatre - 


Enriching the quality of life throughout Ocean Shores and the North Beach, by


                                                  •Presenting innovative and entertaining theatre experiences.

                                                 •Creating opportunities for children and adults to develop talents in all aspects of theatre arts

                                                 •Inspiring and helping children and adults make theatre an active part of their lives

                                                 •Engaging and welcoming audiences from all the diverse segments of our community

                                                 •Providing opportunities for those who create the theatrical experience to express their art, entertain an audience,

                                                  and receive the appreciation their efforts deserve

                                                 •Encouraging collaborations with various organizations that are innovative, effective, and mutually beneficial.

                                                 •Being a thriving organization that is fiscally sound and has endowed reserves to support its programming.

Stage West has been providing quality live theater to the North Beach community for 11 years and continues to be the only community organization dedicated solely to keeping local theater alive.  We have volunteer opportunities for actors, musicians, directors, set creators, stage managers, web and social media promotion, and performance help for all ages and experiences. 

If you have not already done so, please like us on Facebook! If you have questions or concerns about Stage West, or if you would like to volunteer, feel free to contact us at or (360) 268-3430.

Thanks for helping us continue our success as your local community theatre. We'll see you at the show!

Eleven Seasons

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